Chain Of Command

Chain Of Command Graphic

The “Chain of Command” within the cadet corps exists so that information and instructions can be passed efficiently between all levels. It allows leaders to organize their teams quickly and efficiently between all levels, and gives everyone a job to do.

A chain of command consists of various appointments including Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM), Company Sergeant Major (CSM), and Platoon Warrant Officers.

The job you do is a result of your appointment, not necessarily because of the rank you hold. All cadets appointed to certain positions are there because they have been selected to do this job by an officer, because they have deserved recognition and can be trusted to do what needs to be done. To receive an appointment is equally, if not more important, than receiving a rank.

The higher up the chain of command you are, the more responsibilities you have, however, everyone has an equally important role to play in the success of the corps.

The chain works both ways, both for passing information down and for passing information questions or answers back up. This system works because there is rarely any confusion over what each person’s responsibilities are.

You must not “short-circuit” the chain of command:

If you need information or have a problem, ask your platoon WO first. If your platoon WO can’t help, they will find someone who can.

However, in your cadet corps, as in the Canadian Forces, any member may approach any officer they feel comfortable with for a confidential interview to discuss any matter of personal importance.

  • Lance Corporal

    Lance Corporal

  • Corporal


  • Master Corporal

    Master Corporal

  • Sergeant


  • Warrant Officer

    Warrant Officer

  • Master Warrant Officer

    Master Warrant Officer

  • Chief Warrant Officer

    Chief Warrant Officer

    • General


    • Lieutenant General

      Lieutenant General

    • Major General

      Major General

    • Brigadier General

      Brigadier General

    • General Officer Gorget

      General Officer Gorget

      • Colonel


      • Lieutenant Colonel

        Lieutenant Colonel

      • Major


      • Colonel Gorget

        Colonel Gorget