Cadet Volunteers

The purpose of this program is to engage cadets in community participation, fundraising opportunities and team building events.

To achieve success in this program, Cadets will participate in different events as posted throughout the year that are outside of the regular training schedule. Cadets who participate in these events will earn points per event. The value of the points will be determined based on the number of events scheduled for the year and is subject to adjustment.

Points are earned by participating in volunteer or fundraising events that have been arranged by the Corps officers or GPAAC. These points can be redeemed for rewards that have been made available to this program. GPAAC understands that life doesn’t always allow cadets to participate for many reasons, so GPAAC have added a 2nd way to earn points – Independent Community Service work. This is only for cadets not able to attend a scheduled event for acceptable reasons. The cadet must contact a GPAAC executive prior to the event, as well as the office staff to be excused from the event, to provide the reason for not being able to attend the event at which time they may. If the reason is deemed acceptable, a Community Service form will be given. This form will enable the cadet to perform acts of service within the community, such as shoveling driveways or mowing lawns for elderly in their neighbourhood, in place of the event missed. The expectation is to produce an equivalent amount of time and effort of community service that other cadets did at the missed volunteering/fundraising. This form is not intended for doing a job the cadet has been hired to do, chores at home, activities at school, or place of worship. Each returned form will earn the cadet the same points that would have been attained for the missed event.

Here’s an example:

Cadet Jones participated in 5 events this year at 10 points per event and has earned 50 points. Cadet Jones can redeem Cadet Bucks for items located in supply and go home with some cool swag or can keep the points to redeem for a greater item once more points are earned. However, Cadet Jones works on the weekend of an event and will not earn the much-wanted points. Cadet Jones notifies a GPAAC member prior to the event to obtain a community service form. Cadet Jones then uses the community service form and goes through the neighbourhood during weekday evenings to see who he can volunteer for. Being successful in aiding a few neighbours, they sign the form, which Cadet Jones returns to the GPAAC office to earn 10 points.

Points begin to accumulate from the annual Grande Prairie Stompede and stop accumulating at the annual May long weekend Field Training Exercise (FTX). For the sake of the Cadet Bucks program, this will be considered the “Cadet Year”.

Points earned through the cadet year will remain valid until Christmas Mess Dinner of the following year, at which time all unredeemed points will be voided.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can a parent volunteer for the fundraising event and earn Cadet Bucks for their cadet child?
    1. Yes, if... it’s an adult-only fundraiser (Ex: Cars for Christmas, Pub Night)
    2. a cadet is away at camp, attending a cadet function, or work ** You must notify us of this** Parents will be awarded the same value as a cadet
    3. No, if… it’s a mixed parent/cadet event (Ex: Rotary Food Drive)
  2. I’m a single parent, what if I can’t come?
    1. You can have another adult (family member or friend) participate on your behalf.
  3. I have 2 (or more) cadets, but I’m only 1 person. How will the points be awarded?
    1. Each of the cadet children will receive 1 X event points
    2. If 2 parents participate during the same event at the same time, each of the cadet children will receive 1 X event points only.
    3. If 2 parents participate during the same event but at different times, each cadet child will receive 2 X event points. (ex. For Stompede, mom volunteers for morning at gate 11 while dad, the evening at gate 16)
  4. How do I know how many points I have?
    1. A chart will be updated and posted to the bulletin board the first Wednesday of the month
    2. If you see a discrepancy, please notify a GPAAC executive member immediately. A poster in Supply will let you know what you can redeem for, and how many points it will cost. While many items in supply are for sale, items specific for Cadet Bucks swag can’t be purchased by cadets, you must earn and redeem points.
  5. I participated in a fundraising event during stand down, or after the cut off date, do I collect points for this?
    1. Yes. The “cadet year” for this program covers all weeks of the year but one. That week is May long weekend FTX to GP Stompede, and no fundraising event will be schedule during this time.